I'm currently working for SpunOut.ie as the in-house Multimedia Producer. I produce video content for the site from the ground up through to the final product. This includes animation and motion graphics content as well as live action and piece-to-camera videos. You can see a large selection of my work below, or on SpunOut's YouTube channel.

Dance UL

During my time at the University Of Limerick, I became involved with the college's dance club. I held the position of Media Manager on the committee for the 2013/2014 academic year, and produced all their multimedia for them. The following are some examples of the videos I produced. If you would like to see more, you can visit the club's YouTube page.

Road To Intervarsities

Road To Intervarsities - Short Documentary

The rehearsals and the excitement peak as the 7 day countdown begins for the All Ireland Dance Intervarsities 2014 in C.I.T. This short documentary attempts to capture the motivation, emotion and personalities behind the routines, and portray what the penultimate chapter of Intervarsity competition preparation is like for all involved.

I captured this fly-on-the-wall style footage over the course of a week. I turned up to each rehearsal and shot what I saw, without any idea of a story or format for the footage, only knowing that I wanted to create something for the club that would stand out.

Dance UL 2013 Promo

A montage from all of Dance UL's shows and competitions in 2013.

Used at the AGM, other meetings, and recruitment drives.

SoUL Week

SoUL Week is 5-day event that aims to promote and celebrate student societies in UL. It showcases music, comedy, dance and drama performances throughout the week.

Featured in this video is Conor O'Brien, who danced for an hour in the Students Union courtyard.

CIT Intervarsities 2014

Dance UL sent 4 dance squads to the 2014 All-Ireland Dance Intervarsites in Cork Institute of Technology. These squads were Hip-Hop (featured), Jazz, Lyrical and Irish Dancing. 

There was a huge demand from the club members and their friends and family to get these videos out as quickly as possible, especially with the two 1st place squads from this year. From the time I got the footage from all 4 dances, with 2 angles each, it took 4 hours for them to be edited, colour-corrected, synced, exported and uploaded to YouTube.

Freelance & Client Work

Fertility Treatment Centre Promotional Video

Siobhan Kehoe runs a Fertility Clinic in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. She contacted me to produce a promotional video for her website, introducing visitors to the work she does.

The final product needed to fit seamlessly with the website, and also be clear and concise with it's tone and message. I worked together with ICT Consultant Teri Morris and Siobhan herself to ensure this was the case.

Siobhan was delighted with the outcome, and the video is placed on her website's front page.

Highlighted Undergrad Work

Marlboro Red

Short film based in Limerick city.

The plot follows a penultimate snippet of a hitman's life, as he searches for redemption for his sins. 

This production is the result of a 2nd year college assignment. We received an A grade.

“Engaging production, using the camera, sound design, song, light, acting and props to support at all times.”

Be The Person The World Doesn't Want You To Be

Awareness video highlighting casual sexism online can be more harmful than most people realise

The result of a 3rd year assignment, the brief was to create a viral video inspired by a news article or blog post surrounding a social issue. The article that I chose is here.