These tracks are the results of different projects I've completed or undertaken myself. Some are college assignments, and others exploration into different genres out of my usual musical comfort zone.

Disturbia Cover

This cover of "Disturbia" by Rihanna is the result of a 2nd Year college assignment. The brief was to record and produce a track from start to finish using the undergraduate studio in the University of Limerick.

Arranged by Leah Morgan, Kevin O'Brien, Jack Deacon & Sarah Larkin

Lead Vocals - Leah Morgan

Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar & Bass - Kevin O'Brien

Piano & Drums  - Jack Deacon

Mixed and mastered by Jack Deacon



This is my exploration into creating a track in the genre of Dubstep.

Produced and mixed using Logic Pro and Massive.

E-Razor - Original Adaption

This track is an experiment into mixing classical instrumentation with electronic sounds. The main melody is inspired by the song "Razor" by the Foo Fighters.

Triumph - College Project

This is the result of a 1st Year college assignment where the brief was to create a track using Logic Pro, while adhering to the musical form of a song of your choice. The song I chose was "Welcome To The Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance, as it has a lot of tempo changes. 

Contemporary Etude - Sound Design Project

This is the result of a 3rd Year college assignment.

This entire track is made up of just 3 sounds, which were manipulated to create multiple other sounds from them, and then used to compose a Main Theme, a Fast Variation and a Slow Variation.

I wanted to compose a piece that sounded like an idea, or even, the formation of an idea. First comes the moment of inspiration which can be sudden, or slow and steady. Next come the building blocks which are represented by various motifs and elements within the movements. Each part of the idea is seperate with differing timings and beat placements at first, but as the movements closes, all these building blocks come together in harmony and in-sync. This represents the idea coming together in the mind and becoming clear.

The full report on sound design and how each sound was made can be read here.