Vocal Control of Musical Elements in a Live Performance

Final Year Project in Performance Mode.

This project spanned over the entire final year of my undergraduate degree, and was one of the most important parts of it. It consisted of developing a final product, and a writing a cited report on the background research, development and conclusions of the overall project.

The following is an extract from the abstract of the report:

This project [is] a software tool that allows musical elements, especi cally in the context of a live performance,
to be controlled by human vocal input in real-time. This involves the real time processing and analysis of vocal input, and the use of this to perform and control a musical piece.

This project does not involve the direct manipulation, eff ecting or output of vocals like time-stretching or pitch-shifting, but instead it uses the human voice as a controller of function parameters in real time. It attempts to expand the abilities of the human voice within a live performance situation. The sound engine includes pre-loaded samples, eff ects and fi lters, all with controllable parameters.

The program used to create this project is the Max/MSP software environment. Other hardware used in conjunction with the software for a live performance is a suitable vocal microphone, and a USB audio interface.

If you would like to read the full report, including appendix screenshots and references, it is available for download here.

The full Max/MSP project download is available on the Cycling ’74 website.

Cycling ’74 are the creators of Max. This project was featured on their social media pages on the day it was submitted to their site, and is currently (at time of writing) the 4th overall most popular project on their site.

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